The 3 Common UK Beetles

Share:   The scientific name for beetles is Coleoptera and despite being quite rare in the UK (in contrast to ants, wasps, etc), they make up the world’s largest order of animals at 25%!  Beetles are characterised by their sheathed wings or ‘armoured’ layer that surrounds the delicate wings beneath. Many beetles in the UK are harmless and serve a beneficial purpose for … Continue reading “The 3 Common UK Beetles”

The Lethal Harlequin Ladybird

Share:   Here at Ames Pest Control, we know all there is to know about pest problems and solutions. One of the most common pests in the UK is the harlequin ladybird. This pest is difficult to control and isn’t just destroying our homes but is also devouring other insects and ladybird species. This pest is one that needs … Continue reading “The Lethal Harlequin Ladybird”

Pests that Damage Your Lawn

Share:   Pests that Damage Your Lawn Insects love your lawn but if you aren’t careful they can cause a lot of damage that can be expensive to repair. Lawns can become vulnerable to pests and diseases for many reasons and here at Ames Pest Control, we would encourage you that prevention is always better than cure. … Continue reading “Pests that Damage Your Lawn”

How to Get Rid of Mice Smells

Share:   How to Get Rid of Mice Smells If you have just evicted a mouse from your home, your work has only just begun. Now comes the task of cleaning up the remaining mess. In their absence, mice can leave lingering germs in their urine and faeces, including life-threatening illnesses such as hantavirus, leptospirosis and salmonellosis … Continue reading “How to Get Rid of Mice Smells”