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Share:   As a pest control company in Birmingham, we see a lot of things that would make most people queasy. Imagine this… You’ve just woken up, something smells musty and sweet. When you open your eyes your bed has a trail of malted insect shells, rust coloured stains and tiny smears of excrement.. Bed bugs are … Continue reading “Bed Bugs – What They Are and How to Dispose of Them”

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Share:   War Pigeons: A Remarkable History Today, pigeons are kicked to the curb more often than not. They waddle around, annoyingly getting under out feet and inquisitively asking us for the leftovers from our lunch. However, despite society’s usually aggressive dismissal over them, pigeons once used to play a very important role on our planet. The … Continue reading “War Pigeons: A Homage To The War’s Unsung Heroes”

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Share:   Grounds Maintenance at AMES For over 25 years, we at AMES have prided ourselves on our grounds maintenance upkeep. Providing top-quality maintenance across, grounds, lawn, and landscape to the city of Birmingham is what we do best. There is no job too big or small for us, we take pride in each and every maintenance … Continue reading “Grounds Maintenance at AMES”

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