Bird Deterrents Overview

Choosing the right bird deterrent can be a straightforward matter, requiring one solution in isolation.  Often though, two or more approaches provide the best results. We offer a wide range of bird deterrents to solve any problem with nuisance birds.

In forming a strategy to solve your bird problem, we take into account:

  • The type of premises
  • The species of bird
  • The problems to be tackled

We will meet with you to inspect your premises and determine the remedial action required.  We will then work out a plan to suit you, typically using one or more of the techniques below.

Click A Method To Find Out More:

bird netting ledge - bird deterrentsBird Netting is a cost-effective way to exclude birds from apertures and ledges within and outside of your premises.

Can be applied to almost any building.Click For More


bird spike deterrentsBird Spikes are useful to prevent birds from landing or perching on the protected area without harming them.

Useful in protecting ledges, conduits, gutters etc. Click For More


bird-free-smlBird Free offers an ingenious and discrete way to keep unwanted birds at bay using small trays containing a special gel.

Long lasting, effective and humane, this method is very popular.Click For More


post and wirePost and wire is a tried and tested technique suitable for protecting ledges and other narrow features.

Birds can’t land because the wire prevents them, perching is not possible.Click For More


alternative bird control measuresHarris Hawks, trapping and Avishock are successful alternative bird control measures.

Where there is no alternative we use trained marksmen for control by shooting.Click For More



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