AMES Busy Helping Control Wasp Nests In The West Midlands And Worcestershire As World Cup Vuvuzelas Give The Region A BUZZ

waspThe Only Buzzing AMES Wasp Control Cannot Help You Get Rid Of Is The sound of the Vuvuzelas!

Summer has certainly arrived as AMES Pest control technicians have been busy this week helping rid people of their wasp control problems across the West Midlands and Worcestershire.

The phones are ringing daily with people needing our assistance and we are happy to be with you promptly, with many people benefitting from AMES discount offer for first time services. However, it is another insect-like buzzing sound that is dividing opinion amongst the people we are seeing across the region. The World Cup Vuvuzela has been either ‘adding to the carnival atmosphere at the World Cup’ or it is like having the ‘sound of a swarm of bees or wasps coming out of your television, drowning out everything else,’ depending on your view point.

As one customer in the Kings Heath area of Birmingham commented, “I had wasps in the shed, and the noise sounding like wasps and bees coming from the World Cup on the tv. I felt surrounded until you guys arrived!”


Whereas a Bromsgrove householder was a little more keen. “They are fine, I actually think they have added to the atmosphere in the football stadiums and given them a party feel. Although apparently the players cannot hear each other. Perhaps that is why the England team has come home so early, unless Wayne Rooney and some of the others are allergic to wasps!!”

Whatever your views on England’s football team, the World Cup and the sound of the Vuvuzelas, the one thing householders and business owners across the West Midlands and Central England region can rely on is the fast, efficient removal of wasp nests by a member of the AMES team, guarantees on the effectiveness of our work and the comfort that you will be able to rest a whole lot easier, knowing you are in safe hands with AMES. If you are a landlord or tenant and not sure who should take responsibility, why not give us a call and we can help talk you through where you stand and the best course of action.



The AMES Wasp Control Team, West Midlands